Paediatrics / Support for Children

At Ark we understand that when a family requires care and support for a child, adapting can be difficult. We aim to make the process as straightforward as possible, offering the highest levels of tailored support for children of all ages, from birth into adulthood.

We can help children and families who require support with various needs, such as brain injury, neurological conditions, mechanical ventilation, spinal cord injuries and undiagnosed conditions. We recognise the need for appropriately qualified care and support, and as such, our paediatric care teams each have a paediatric nurse assigned to them.

Our paediatric care services are tailored to meet every family’s unique needs, supporting them to continue with their social and professional lives.

“We support families to lead a ‘normal’ life with a personalised healthcare plan that is tailored to the needs of the whole family”

Ark's Support in Practice

Evie is a 5 year old who was born prematurely with a number of medical issues that has meant she requires constant care and support. Evie has an older brother and her parents were struggling to develop a ‘normal’ family life.

With care and support including the management of clinical needs, , management of medicines and structured active play, Evie’s parents have now been able to focus on being parents, and return to work, allowing them to regain their own independence and provide for their young family. Evie’s parents recently took her and her brother to Disney Land for a holiday of a lifetime.

CQC Outcomes

5 – Meeting nutritional needs

6 – Cooperating with other providers

9 – Management of medicines

11 – Safety, availability and suitability of equipment

13 - Staffing

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