Palliative & End of Life Care

At Ark we understand the importance of being with the people you care about most and in the place you feel most comfortable in the final stages of your life.

We help individuals live the rest of their lives as fully as possible, taking into account personal tastes as well as medical needs.

People who are nearing the end of their lives are supported to make their own decisions and their care is coordinated so they can spend time how they want and where they want to, with personal nursing, advice on pain control and practical and emotional support.

“We help individuals live the rest of their lives as fully as possible, with dignity and meaning”

Ark's Support in Practice

Brian’s wife Sue was suffering from cancer and in the final stages of her life she just wanted to be at home with her family. Ark supported Sue and Brian to ensure Sue’s pain was controlled so she could do the things she loved to do most, watching Coronation Street and sitting in the park with Brian and their dog. We liaised with the community Macmillan Nurses to ensure that we had a consistent and clinically appropriate approach. We ensured that all the care support team were aware of the Advanced Directive in place, and how to support Sue in the event of an emergency or deterioration in her condition.

Sue sadly passed away last year, but Brian and his family were continuously supported throughout the difficult time and Sue was able to pass away peacefully at home where she wanted to be.

CQC Outcomes

1 – Respecting and involving people who use services

2 – Consent to care and treatment

6 – Cooperating with other providers

9 – Management of medicines

11 – Safety availability and suitability of equipment

13 – Staffing

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