Physical Disabilities

At Ark we support individuals with physical disabilities to take responsibility for their own care, whether support is required on a temporary or permanent basis.

Our care is designed to encourage independence and achieve personal outcomes through an enabling approach and includes:

  • Assistance with daily routines such as washing, dressing and medication
  • Support with cooking, cleaning and shopping
  • Facilitating social trips out and visiting friends and family
  • Practical support to integrate individuals into the community such as entering employment or volunteering
“We work with individuals to achieve personal outcomes and encourage independence”

Ark's Support in Practice

Jacob is 57 years old and was born with physical disabilities. Ark began working with Jacob to complete practical tasks at home and support him to enter employment.

Ark recruited a team of care support workers to support Jacob, who would develop a friendly relationship support him to lead the active social life that he wanted without feeling that he had full-time carers. Jacob’s care team supports him to live independently, ensuring he has help around the home and support to complete daily duties such as food shopping and cooking.

Jacob works part-time for a charity and leads an active social life, spending quality time with his family, friends and colleagues.

CQC Outcomes

1 – Respecting and involving people who use services

2 – Consent to care and treatment

6 – Cooperating with other providers

10 – Safety and suitability of premises

13 – Staffing

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